The PFPP programme has been developed with the European Pension Fund Industry, and is being independently facilitated by IPE. It has been put together by institutional investors, for the benefit of institutional investors.

One of the key objectives of the programme is to address the problem that all investors face of endless requests to participate in asset manager surveys - most of which are currently initiated, sponsored, or controlled by managers.

So, as a result, this programme is being conducted by investors, for investors and control of this information has been transferred from asset managers to asset owners.


Over 500 institutional investors across Europe are already participating in the programme and more investors are joining the programme every week.

This programme provides investors with meaningful and detailed intelligence on over 200 leading asset managers in Europe – both those they employ, and those they do not currently employ.

These managers have been nominated for inclusion in the programme by investors and because investors have set the agenda, and defined the reporting format, the PFPP programme delivers everything they have said that they want and need from a manager research programme.

The programme is completely confidential and reporting by investors is never published, or shared with third parties, and investors participating are not even identified to one another. 

The programme is also conducted in multiple languages and is operated through eight European research regions.

So far, the programme has been supported by every institutional investor that has already been briefed and invited to join the programme, and by Pan-European and National Pension Fund Industry Associations who represent investors across Europe.


Participants find the Institutional Investors’ Programme “very helpful”, “exciting”, “easy to use” and “a powerful tool”:


"...we'll have a beauty parade soon and will compare the information from the PFPP with the consultants."


"...powerful instrument, especially for due diligence."


"...looked at the managers from the shortlists and compared the ratings (of the PFPP) to make a list of finalists...planning on creating a report for the investment committee showing that they have picked good managers, backed up by PFPP."




The Report

The report covers the whole breadth of the relationship you have with your managers, reported at mandate level and including:

• Relationship management

• Reporting

• Risk management

• Investment management

• Environmental, social and governance

• Operations

• Valuation and benchmarking

• Value Delivered

• Overall assessment on the managers

• Important criteria in selection of managers  

Please contact Amanda Bartlett, Head of European Research  for a demo of the live system or more information on the programme:

amanda.bartlett@ipe.com  Tel: +44 (0) 20 3465 9343




For the Investor:
Investors can now access detailed reporting and confidential intelligence on all managers included in the PFPP programme, including all of those they employ, as well as those they don’t currently employ.

Investors can now save a huge amount of time by substantially reducing the number of asset manager surveys in which they need to participate – the PFPP programme delivers everything they need.

Investors obtain reporting from a programme that, for the first time, is controlled by investors and not by managers.

Investors also share their views on managers more generally such the most important manager selection criteria and the issues that are priorities for them. They also identify managers that they do not employ but rate highly.

Investor assessments of managers are benchmarked against industry averages as well as against clients’ ratings of other managers.

For the Manager:
Asset managers are able to access this confidential reporting on them by their clients, pro-actively address issues that the research has highlighted, and drive up service standards as a result.
There is no selectivity about which investors are able to participate and investors can report on all the Managers they employ.